Creative Centerpieces

January 13, 2010

I love my job…I truly do. I love to challenge myself to come up with new designs, revamp old ones, and keep up with the trends. Nothing is more satisfying than having clients come to me with a rough idea, be able to create it, and then have them say “It’s exactly what I wanted!”

These past few days have been filled with just those moments; Winnie the Pooh baby shower, another Winter Wonderland Sweet 16, Hollywood themed 50th birthday, and a 90th birthday.. the fun part is seeing the clients reaction to what you have created for them.

There are so many great design elements in the market place now – battery operated lights, crystals, feathers, glittered letters and shapes, the list is endless…a little imagination can take you a long way.

Now more than ever we need to  try and push the design envelope to come up with really creative centerpieces on smaller budgets. I find that if you are passionate about your work, it will reflect in your designs (“a little bit of me goes into everything I create”) and your clients will appreciate that..No job is too small, ever…even a simple centerpiece can be stunning when presented  with the right enthusiasm and fun.

Looking forward to the new year and coming up with more creative centerpieces. 🙂


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